World Future ” Rise and fall of Top Economic Power in 2060″

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The purpose of this book is to explain what will happen in world economy specially emerging economy after 2020 till 2060. The book asks “What will the next four decades bring?” Based on several researches and foretasted that have been done by famous economic research institute, the world will bear a witness to raise new economic power and fall down traditional power, focused on several different key points except purchase parity power(PPP). We emphasis (PPP) method is not reasonable and logical to compare different economic as capital is social relation so we need several factors to compare these relation, especially when we want to use “Super power” terminology in economic and political. The super power is not only word or sound, but super power has some specific factors. These different keys are the base of power in futures. We propose to include ten new sides that every super power should have to be continues power in future. These are Population, Natural resources, Human resources ( educated people ), Personal economic output, GDP per capital Area, Strong Military, Democracy and Transparency, Good governance, Access to fresh water and healthy.



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